Flower boxes are the new bouquets !?

Gifting flowers to someone expresses your love and compassion towards them they add a feeling to the gift. For years and years people all across the world have been gifting bouquets of flower to convey their feeling to their loved ones and that became a very common gift but it has its downsides too more often than not they get damaged while being delivered they don’t last long at all, they need to be stored in vase or proper container to preserve, too many problems right? FOFO has a solution! today’s day and age calls for something new, something as compassionate as a bouquet something more beautiful, more convenient and hassle free and more classier that’s exactly what our Flower Boxes has to offer.

They are easy to transport so the flowers cannot be damaged.

They can be preserved for much longer than a flower bouquet because of the storage of water in the sponge so the gift of love doesn’t wither. Hence flower boxes are the best gift for your loved ones.