How It Works

1 Website Viewing

After coming to know about our company the customer visits our website and look through it as they decide what they are looking for.

Website Viewing
Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet 2

After deciding what service the customer needs our team will contact them and have a meeting with our dear customer to know What kind of customisations they want to make and have a conversation with our team to tell them all about the experience they want to create as we have got a ton of great ideas which would help the customer to make decisions according to their wants.

3 Designing

After having the conversation with our dear customer about what they want our team will have a discussion about how to implement the customers order and make their wish come true.


Implementation 4

Then we discuss the whole plan with our labours who will be working to make the customers wish into reality and make all the personalised customisation according to whatever the customer asked for.

5 Happy Customer

Then we present the beautiful set up created for the customer to make their dream come to reality right in front of their eyes and see the face of our happy customer which makes us happy too.

Happy Customer