We know it's a lot of work, and it takes a lot to create that perfect moment that makes them say, YES!!

We don't do it by the book; for every proposal, our team sits together to know everything that we can know about your taste, likes and dislikes to give you the most personalised experience there is.

We can do all sorts of proposals that have been done to date, or perhaps we could do something entirely different for you, YOUR CHOICE, Like: A Private Affair, An Extravagant Proposal on the Rooftop, A First Date Recreation, Disney Style Proposal for the king and the queen.

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Birthday Celebration

Is it the first birthday of your child or your 25th or your parent's anniversary? Whatever you have in mind, consider it done. From guest invitations to decorations to food to every small detail, we have it covered. We offer 100 different birthday themes for you to choose from, and we can also do something entirely unique from scratch. Your birthday is like your personal new year, Another year to your wonderful growth. Nature’s way of telling us to party/eat cake/ celebrate, Congratulations on another year on Earth. Remember you can get away with anything when it is your birthday.

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Date Nights

Have you ever dreamt of a perfect date? Well, forget dreaming because we can create the ideal date set up for you, EXACTLY HOW YOU LIKE IT. A lot of planning and organizing goes into planning the perfect date and our team is dedicated to make your date a memorable one, whether it be a picnic date or a classic dinner date, a movie date, or a date on a hot air balloon, we can do it all.

We are more than happy to be your date concierges.

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Boozy Brunch

An afternoon affair generally between 12 noon and 2pm where one indulges in a mixture of breakfast and lunch dishes, accompanied by “spirits” (commonly Mimosas) in an upscale nightlife type atmosphere.

Do you know that our team includes some of the best foodies and wine lovers? So don't worry, we will help you have the best brunch or dinner of your life with the finest wine and food on the planet.

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Dinner With a view

A night of discovery, adventure, and bold inspiration. The location, cuisine, and views always differ, but one thing remains unchanged: Dinner With A View will deliver an evening of unforgettable memories long after your meal is over.

Are you bored of eating in the same restaurants? Well, don't be, we have the best network of food bloggers and critics in your town. We know some fantastic places that can heal your boredom in seconds. Whether your quest is for new food cuisines or a different or unique ambiance, we are the real deal!

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Pool Party

Well the name tells you everything, come with your loved one, family, friends and we will plan several events/ games for you inside the pool like (atomic whirlpool, bellyflop contest, bumper balls, cardboard boat race, F-I-S-H). Just to make you light and easy for you we have planned some of the most happening pool parties in your town. Just let us know any specific requirements you have, and we can create a completely customized pool party experience for you.

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