Party 360

Planning a celebration? Or how to spend a special evening?
Thinking of how to host a party?
You have a 360degree Rental solution for all,
With us!!

With the desire to bring some great moments of joy to your door-step we present, ‘Party Services- First of its kind party equipment rental service in Mumbai, India’. From Bar to Barbeque, Games to Chaat kart, rent exciting party equipments to liven up a lagging crowd and host a memorable soiree at your home! All our equipments are always well-maintained and are of the highest quality. Choose from an extensive range of premium party speakers, 70+ games, movie night setup, coal and electronic barbeques, royal hookahs, beer tower, food kart and bar accessories to make your celebrations seamless and memorable. With a large inventory of party rental supplies that are all in excellent condition, good-times are guaranteed when you PARTY with us!

This Segment will consist of 7 different Services:-


Barbeque is in itself a cuisine and is only being enjoyed when served hot & eaten live!
We are coming up with a fresh concept where we will be providing
barbeque grills in both electric and charcoal variants at your desired place along with the freshly marinated raw material of both vegetarian & non-vegetarian. The raw material will have a choice of selection in three different quantities.

Home buffet

Tired of planning to go out for a buffet?
Here we are bringing HOME BUFFET concept for you with a selection of your favourite cuisines!
We assure you of delivering different variety and best in quality & quantity.
To give you a flavourful experience of Buffet from starters to dessert, we will be combining a variety of food items in a buffet box.

Bar setups

Bringing for you a well organised and customised way of boozing at your doorstep!
Experience the luxury of drinking with a full bar setup at your place according to your liquor preference. Pre customized briefcases for different liquor choices.

  • Whiskey/Rum Set
  • Vodka/shots Set
  • Cocktail/Mocktail Set
  • Beer Set
  • Wine Set


Freshen up the times!
Let the mint take over your mind and soul.
Can’t go out? We got you.
Variety of Hookah sets & flavours served on demand at your home.
Because why not?


Life is more fun if you play games. We should never have to stop playing games. Games keep the inner child in us alive, they keep us young and bright. We know that any party is incomplete without games, be it a simple game of truth and dare. We are putting an end to your misery by bringing you a variety of games for you and your loved ones. We also saved the best for the last, the cherry on the cake is that we’ll let you rent all these games. You do not have to invest hefty amounts of money in purchasing them anymore plus you get to choose from many options available for your different occasions. Total Win! Win!
We are coming up with three different categories in games:

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Console games

Movie nights

Are you a Netflix binge watcher, Amazon Prime lover or a sport maniac? Don’t worry, we arrange dates sync with your style!
Movie nights taken to next level! Get your own personal movie theatre, just a call away! Get exclusive collection of trending films, web series and of course “Old Classics” All access to the leading platforms like, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. Now no more going outside! Enjoy watching your favourite sports with group in a private space!

Chaat kart

We are coming up with a new concept which will provide you the thela/redi experience at your doorstep. Now no worries on eating roadside food in these tough times as we are bringing that flavourful experience to your home!