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The website is owned and operated by Mr. Ayush Mishra, and is a company which is duly registered as well as incorporated under Companies Act, 2013 and which has its registered office situated at Bhopal. The Company is sincerely committed towards safeguarding your privacy and takes each and every obligatory and apposite course of actions towards protecting your personal particulars which you will give to our company. All such personal information will be handled in a safe and responsible manner as per the terms and conditions governing the Policy ("Privacy Policy") set out herein below: ("Website") will be the market place and also the company involved in creating content through which you may rent our luxury party locations available at the time of renting or may rent other items needed for party at your home or at any other venue based on a mutual discussion. You may also take part in adventure shows or even customised parties may be arranged. In order to rent any of the products/services some prescribed terms and conditions shall apply on each and every customer which are available to for perusal herein below:

All the particulars contained in including any private data acquired while using or logging-in and/or while having access to the website will be saved in a secured server. The server service provider states that it has all of the finest safety and security measures necessary for the server. Details regarding the safeguard and secretive practices followed by the server operator would be available at 3rd party portals. CELEBRATION24X7 does not give any kind of warranties pertaining to the procedures or operations of the server operator.

The Website is under the ownership of an Indian person and its located is based in India. Therefore, we shall be duty bound to by all the laws, rules, regulations, notifications, circulars etc. which govern privacy in India. The Privacy Policy shall apply to each and every user of the Website. The user will be herein collectively adressed to as “You”.

Visiting this website implies your approval to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. In case you do not agree to any of the terms and/or conditions, you should not use or access our Website and leave the website at once. The mere use of the Website makes you expressly give assent to our terms of use along with the disclosure of any of your private details which fall in consonance with the present Privacy Policy.

Procedure of Collecting Personal Details 

In order to avail any of the Services and/or Products available through the Website you may have to initially go through the sign up process wherein you would be giving certain private data including but not limited to you name, e-mail address, address for correspondence and phone number. A part of the information mentioned above are considered personally sensitive information (“Personal Information”) and which is stored for verifying the identity of the user and further to ensure due compliances. Your contact information may be used by us to send you offers on the basis of the previous orders which you have made and also based on your interests. Conventionally, you can browse the Website without providing us your name or revealing any other of your Personal Information.

Apart from that, while you would be browsing through this Website, our servers may automatically acquire certain information. Information of that type includes details like the domain’s name and the name of the host through which the Internet was accessed by you; the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer which you would use to access the internet and the date and time of your access. This information may be used by us to monitor our Website’s usage and also anything else considered necessary for our business, though such information will not include your Personal Information. If any personal correspondence, such as emails or letters, is sent by you to us, or if other users or third parties sends us correspondence about your postings or activities on the Website, such information may be collected by us.

Certain Information to be placed on the user’s computer

Some information such as cookies may be stored on your computer by our Website. Our website uses Cookies which are packets of data that are transferred by an application to the hard drive of a visitor's computer for the purposes of keeping and maintaining records. Cookies would facilitate your usage of the Website and will ensure that your details need not be re-entered each time you visit it. This information can be erased or chosen to be blocked by you from your computer as per your choice however if you chose to block or erase such data it will put a limitation on the range of features which are generally available to the visitor on Website. Cookies are also used by us to provide the visitors a customizable experience on the Website and such data may be used by us to allow visitors to use Website without logging in upon returning.

Links to other Websites

Certain links to other sites may be available at our Website. Any such other site may use the data regarding your visit to this Website. The practices of such sites that we do not own or control or to people we do not employ are beyond the purview of our Privacy Policy. Thus we shall not be held responsible for the accuracy or the integrity of the content included on such other sites or such site’s privacy practices. You are advised and encouraged  to go through the individual statements of privacy of such websites.

Usage of your Personal Information 

The Website may collect and use your Personal Information in order to provide you with better customer experience, for quality and standards purposes and also for administering our business. The Website may use your Personal Information and may apply such information for managing this service and to personalize the Website’s services for you; authorising your admission to the Website and your usage of the facilities made available by the Website; publishing any of your information available with us on the Website; to inform or update you on the different products and/or services available through the Website; for sending statements and invoices to you; for collecting payments from you; to make communications required to be notified to you pertaining to several, privacy, administrative and security issues; to respond to any of your questions; for transmitting to you any information which could be of your interest; to share such information with the Services and/or Products made available through the Website; for responding to any of your valid claims, or to address you our justifiable belief, that you are in violation of the rights of any third party or any of the agreements or policies governing your use of the Website’s Services and/or Products; to perform analysis and conduct researches and in order to maintain, measure, develop ,protect and improve our Services/Products.

Along with the disclosures reasonably essential for the objectives categorized above, the Website may disclose your Personal Information up to the extent that it is a compulsion to do so by law, in nexus with any current or prospective legal proceedings, and for establishing, exercising or defending its legal rights.

You hereby permit us to contact with you through correspondence or otherwise based on the information given by you while communicating/contacting with us through any of the given platforms: 
- The Website’s Sign up portal
- Information provided at the time the order is placed 
- Customer Service
- Information shared with the Representative of the Company 
- Information shared with our Channel Partners, e.g. Property owners, other affiliates 
- Information shared through social platforms

We share certain Personal Information

Protecting the privacy and security of your information remains our top priority. We will never sell your Personal Information without your permission unless attributed in this Privacy Policy to third parties. We may use or share the information received by us regarding you or given by you to us with our corporate affiliates, agents, vendors, dealers and other third parties.

We would not sell, share, rent or trade your Personal Information to third parties without known reasons. We reserve the right to have absolute anonymity while in all analytics and no Personal Information is to be used, with exception under a limited set of situations as given below. We protect your email addresses. We do not sell the email addresses which have been provided by you and we may use them only as per the directions given by you and in consonance with this Policy.

Compulsion Under Law: 

We disclose your Personal Information to third parties under the below mentioned circumstances: 
- to abide by the law, legal procedure or an enforceable governmental request; 
- for enforcing or applying our terms of use or other agreements with you; 
- to protect the rights or safety of the Website or our users or others. However, transfer under this case does not include selling, renting, sharing, or otherwise disclosing your Personal Information for commercial purposes in violation of the commitments set forth in this Privacy Policy.

We are committed to the security of your Personal Information security 

We understand that your privacy is of utmost concern to you, thus we aspire to keep your Personal Information confidential. We will take all acceptable technical and organizational safeguards for prevent your Personal Information from being misused, lost or altered. We guarantee to give our best efforts to safeguard your Personal Information. HOWEVER, IT IS NOT REPRESENTED, GUARANTEED OR WARRANTED BY US THAT PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE SAFEGAURDED AGAINST UNAPPROVED LOSS, ALTERATIONS, ACCESS OR MISUSE AND WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY REPONSIBILITY TOWARDS THE SECURITY OF THE PERSONAL INFORMATION PROVIDED TO US NOR FOR YOUR OR THIRD PARTIES' USE OR MISUSE OF SUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Electronic Transactions through Payment Gateway 

Data pertaining to transactions made electronically entered into through the medium of the  Website shall be safeguarded by encryption technology. We have come together with a safe and secure payment gate way i.e. Razorpay. The Website does not have the capability to interfere with and does not interfere with the mechanism involved in the payment gateway. The Website cannot access the information that you may register in order to make the payment through the secured payment gateway. All of your transaction and banking details or other information needed for internet banking or alternate payment instruments is held by our Payment Gateway partner (Razorpay) uses secure (personal encryption solution)

Having created a link to a payment gateway does not authorise the payment gateway in itself, nor should we be held liable for failure of any products/services being offered by said payment gateway. The privacy police of these payment gateways may be different from that of ours. All and any errors/ omissions / failures on the part of the payment gateway shall be solely on Razorpay. You hereby consent that you shall not sue the Website for any disputes having arisen with the payment gateway for any wrong doing of the payment gateway.

Safeguards and Security

We keep your privacy secure using state of the art safety standards and procedures which are compliant with the applicable privacy laws. The Website uses a combination of industry-approved electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards in order to make sure that your Private Information is kept secured throughout its life cycle while being in our infrastructure. We hash or encrypt your Personal Information while storing it in our infrastructure. Your Personal Information gets decrypted, processed and immediately re-encrypted, or else it is discarded when no longer necessary.

Opt-Out Policy 

Kindly leave us an email at if you no further wish to receive any information from us.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy 

We hold the right to change this Privacy Policy and it is subject to be modified at any time without prior notice. If a decision has been made by us to modify our Privacy Policy, such modifications will be published on the Website in order for you to be aware of the most recent amendments in the Privacy Policy. We advise and encourage you to kindly review this Policy periodically.


Your visit to the Website and any dispute over privacy while visiting our Website, is subject to the present Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If Personal Information is furnished by you through any means other than the Website then in such a case the terms of this Privacy Policy will not govern.

All questions regarding this Privacy Policy or Website treatment of your Personal Information, shall be addressed to


If you have any grievances as against the privacy practices of Website, or you feel that your privacy is being jeopardized at the Website, you must address your complaint/ concerns to Rest assured your concerns shall be pro-actively address by us.

All disputes arising between us and you out of this Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts in Bhopal.